A few days ago, I announced that a major new Android app was in the works. When I was writing that post, I thought I knew what this new app was going to be. However, after a day or two of trying to get that idea to work, I realized that it wasn’t going to work out. So, I began to start thinking of a new app idea!

Thankfully, that idea quickly came! I was looking at some of my existing projects, with the hope that I could bring one to Android. It was then when it hit me: Why not make a version of Cello for Android? As a reminder, Cello is a text-based browser for Windows that I wrote. I felt like it could make a ton of sense on mobile, so I started making the app.

It was a bit challenging to get everything working at first. However, after a couple hours, I successfully loaded a couple of websites in all of Cello’s text-based glory!

Now, in order to distinguish itself from its Windows counterpart, I decided to call the Android version of Cello Violoncello. For those of you that are not aware, violoncello is the formal name for cello. As a result, I thought it was quite fitting.

Anyway, I look forward to working on Violoncello some more in the coming weeks. It will likely take a while to finish, as there is a ton to do, but Violoncello has certainly gotten off to a good start!

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