BlackBerry development!

These days, when you hear BlackBerry, (in the context of electronics) you likely think of a mobile phone that’s designed to get stuff done. It’s not an entertainment device; it’s a tool for all things business. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with a BlackBerry! Today, I’m excited to announce that I’ll (hopefully) be writing some new apps for a platform I’ve never developed for: BlackBerry OS.

Now, as a fan of old technology, I like to own a device that runs the platform I’m developing for and Blackberry is no exception. That’s right, I bought a BlackBerry!

The model I purchased is the Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 running Blackberry OS 7. (Though I’m 99% sure it can upgraded to 7.1 if my model hasn’t been already) BlackBerry is nice and has kept their OS 7 development resources online, so I’ll hopefully be able to get started pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that I’ll definitely be able to start writing Blackberry apps. It’s possible that the device might not work and there’s certainly a small possibility it won’t even arrive. However, with any luck, none of these things will happen. If this is the case, some BlackBerry apps shouldn’t be too far off in the future!

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