My first two BlackBerry OS apps are here!

Hello, everyone. I’m excited to say that my BlackBerry OS apps have finally been released! Writing them hasn’t been easy due to some unforeseen issues, but I’m pretty pleased with the end result: two handy BBOS applications. In this post, I’ll be going over both of them and what they do.

Special Characters

Need to find a special character that can’t be accessed in the symbol menu? Special Characters conveniently categories a bunch of special characters and makes it easy to copy them to your clipboard!

Circle Calculator

Easily find the circumference, radius, diameter, and area of a circle on your BlackBerry OS device! Other handy features include a log and the ability to change the approximation of Pi.

Wrapping things up...

You can find these apps on the new BlackBerry OS page. I hope you like them!

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