First app update of 2021!

Hi, everyone. I am excited to announce that I have released the first update for one of my apps in 2021! As you might have expected, the app receiving the update is Violoncello. So, in this post, I'll be going over what's new in Violoncello 1.4.

Revamped Bookmarks
One of the main things this update introduces is a much-improved bookmarks system! It's a lot more intuitive now, and it's certainly a big upgrade.

Multi-Window Support
One thing I had been meaning to add was support for multi-window mode in Android. This could certainly be helpful, especially on some foldable phones where there's more space to spread things out.

This is another feature that I had been hoping to add for a while, as it's quite useful! It's enabled by default now, but you can disable it if you want.

Updated Icons
I have updated some of the app's icons.

Squashing Some Bugs
Finally, I have fixed some bugs.

The Conclusion
Violoncello 1.4 is an update that makes a lot of refinements to the app. Overall, it looks and feels a lot nicer now thanks to these improvements! You can download the latest version of Violoncello from Google Play. Enjoy!

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