My Plans for February 2021

Hey, everyone! February is here, which means that it's time for another plans/goals post. Here's what I hope to do this month!

App Updates
As usual, I hope to release some app updates this month. The main app I hope to work on is Violoncello, as I have few neat ideas for features to add to it. If I have time, I might also consider updating one of my other Android apps.

New Windows app
I've been hard at work on a new Windows app these last few weeks! I'm fairly confident I will be able to release it sometime this month, as it is getting pretty close to being complete. We'll see!

More iOS development
Finally, I hope to continue working on my first iOS project and learning Swift! I've made a lot of progress, but my first iOS app probably won't be ready for a little while longer.

Wrapping things up...
I'm excited for February 2021! Keep in mind that these are my goals, so there is no guarantee that I'll be able to complete all of them. However, I will do my best!

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