Violoncello for Windows is finally here!

Hi, everyone! Ever since I first started working on it over a month ago, I have spent countless hours creating and perfecting Violoncello for Windows. Featuring a slick and minimal UI, lots of customization options, and support for Windows versions going all the way back to XP, I am very pleased with how the Windows version of Violoncello has turned out. As a result, I am very excited to announce that Violoncello for Windows has finally been released!

Violoncello for Windows is packed with features, some of which are found in the mobile version, and others that are not. Some of these include:

  • Open in main browser: Easily open the page you are currently viewing in Violoncello in your default browser!
  • Custom search engine: Choose from Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, or set your own.
  • Lots of customization: Change the background and text colors, and choose a font.
  • Bookmarks: Easily manage and visit bookmarks.
  • Jump to top: Quickly jump to the top of a page. (0, 0)
Those are most of the unique features that Violoncello for Windows has to offer, but you may discover more if you try it out! As far as the actual browsing experience goes, it's essentially identical to the Android version. In fact, I am actually using a C# version of the HTML parser I used for Violoncello for Android. This means that it's pretty easy to get the hang of Violoncello for Windows if you have already used the Android version or vice versa!

You can download Violoncello for Windows from the Windows page. I hope you like it, as I have certainly enjoyed making it!

Note: Extra customization options do not require a premium upgrade in the Windows version, unlike the Android version. Violoncello for Windows is completely free.

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