Violoncello is coming to Windows!

Hey, everyone! A few weeks ago, I finally killed off Cello Browser. Not only did it lack some very important features, but it suffered from messy code written by my younger self. It was clear that Cello was in need of a replacement. As a result, I said goodbye to Cello and began working on a Windows version of Violoncello. After several weeks of working on it, I'm excited to announce that Violoncello for Windows will hopefully be coming very soon!

Building a new browser
The first step in the process of bringing Violoncello to Windows would be choosing the way I'd make it. Initially, I thought I would give UWP another chance, as I really liked how it looked. However, I quickly realized that this was a really bad idea. Not only would it make Violoncello exclusive to Windows 10 users, but it would also be packaged in an APPX file instead of a traditional EXE, making distribution more difficult and inconvenient. I would probably need to publish it on the Microsoft store, which was not crazy about.

So, I decided to use good old Windows Forms instead. It might not have looked quite as nice as UWP, but it made more sense for this project.

At this point, I hope to support Windows XP and later, since I'm currently targeting version 4.0 of the .NET Framework. This may be subject to change, though!

Features and price
Violoncello will offer many of the features found in the mobile version and more! It will be completely free.

Release date
As for the release date, I'm hopeful that it will be very soon. I've made some significant progress these last few weeks! I'll keep you posted on when I plan to release it.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope you're excited about Violoncello for Windows!

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