Will my first iOS app be Violoncello?

With the Windows version of Violoncello set to launch soon, I wouldn't blame you for wondering if my first iOS app will also be Violoncello. However, if you're tired of hearing about Violoncello, fear not! Unless something goes terribly wrong with the app I'm working on right now, my first iOS app will not be Violoncello.

Will Violoncello for iOS eventually be a thing?
Hopefully, yes! The reason it's not my first iOS app is because I want to start with something a bit simpler. Keep in mind that I am still very new to iOS development, so there's a lot that I still need to learn. As a result, I think that beginning with something less complex than Violoncello is probably a good idea.

How about the release date?
I'm still unsure when I plan to release my first iOS app, but I'm hoping it will be fairly soon. My main focus right now is getting Violoncello for Windows ready to be released, but I'm optimistic that the launch of my first iOS app is just over the horizon!

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