ComplimentMe for Android is now Compliment Moi!

Hey, everyone! With the release of the iOS version of ComplimentMe, now called "Compliment Moi", I introduced a new name for the app. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to create an app on the App Store called "ComplimentMe," so I just came up with a different name.

However, this was confusing because Compliment Moi's Android counterpart was still called ComplimentMe. So, I have released an update that changes ComplimentMe's name to Compliment Moi on Android as well. It's still the same app you know and (hopefully) enjoy, just with an ever so slightly different name. Anyway, you can get this update from the Play Store. Enjoy!

One more thing: Future blog posts regarding the Android version of Compliment Moi will only be under the "Android" and "Compliment Moi" labels. The "ComplimentMe" label will be retired after this post.

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