A New binoc Update!

Hey, everyone! I know this wasn't planned, but I decided to release a binoc update since it has been a little while. This update is a pretty exciting one, as it makes a lot of improvements to the app! Here's what's new:

  • Numerous UI improvements: I have made a lot of improvements to binoc's user interface. Not only does it look a bit nicer now, but I've gone ahead and added a dedicated save button for intentions. Pretty handy!
  • Easily stop intention notification: Want to stop the persistent notification you enabled that displays your current intention without having to open the app? There's now a button on the notification that lets you do just that!
  • Widget improvements: I have made some improvements to binoc's two widgets.
  • New image categories: I have added several new image categories to the app.
  • The little things: Finally, I have made some other minor improvements to the app and have also fixed some bugs.

You can get the latest version of binoc (1.7.0) from the Play Store. Enjoy!

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