A new Violoncello for Windows update!

Hey, everyone! I didn't quite get the opportunity to update Violoncello for Windows last month, but I have finally released a new version that is hopefully worth the wait! It introduces some new features and makes quite a few improvements to the browser. Here's what's new:

Save page: You can now save the page you're viewing in Violoncello as a plain, free-of-styling HTML file.

Stay on top: Want Violoncello to stay in front of other windows no matter what? This new feature let's you do just that! You can toggle it in the settings menu.

Browser menu: Violoncello now has a lot of its main functionality in the new browser menu section. This replaces the old hamburger menu that was located in the bottom right corner.

More key shortcuts: Violoncello now features many more key shortcuts for several different functions like going back, reloading the page, etc.

Bug fixes: As is often the case with these sorts of updates, this one also fixes some bugs.

You can check out the latest version of Violoncello here. I hope you like it!