A surprise PreBook update!

Hey, everyone! You saw the title of the post, and it is indeed true. Though I had been planning to work on PreBook in May/Palm Month, I teamed up with some fellow webOS enthusiasts to work on a new PreBook update, and I decided to go ahead and release it now! Without further ado, here's what's new in version 1.6.0 of PreBook:

Auto Updater: PreBook now automatically updates! It's a super simple process and works very well. Massive thanks to webOS Archive founder codepoet80 for contributing this feature via pull request on GitHub! You should definitely check out some of his webOS projects if you haven't already.

Scaling Fixes: I have fixed some scaling issues on newer webOS devices such as the Pre 3 and TouchPad.

Home Confirmation: Recently, I noticed that it's kind of easy to accidentally press the PreBook header (which takes you home) instead of the app menu. I've added a confirmation dialog to go home that will hopefully help fix this.

UI Tweaks: I have made a lot of small tweaks to the UI that make it more pleasant to use.

"What's New" Page: I have greatly improved the "What's New" page by making it much more visually appealing and having it appear on the first run after an update.

New Icon: Huge thanks to webOS fan and graphic designer farhaddad for designing an awesome new icon for PreBook!

Bug Fixes: I have fixed some bugs and have made some improvements to the code.

That's about it for PreBook 1.6.0! It's a pretty exciting update, and I think you all will really like it. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this release, and as always, you can get the latest version of PreBook from GitHub. Enjoy!

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