Updates on my major new iOS project!

Hey, everyone! As April comes to a close, I think now is a good time to update all of you on the latest news regarding my major new iOS project I announced a few weeks ago. So, here's what's new presented in glorious Q&A format!

Overall, how's the project going?
At this point, pretty well! There's still a lot left to do, but I've made some serious progress these last few weeks.

Will this app be free?
Yes, but there will probably be an in-app purchase to unlock some extra features.

When will it be ready for release?
It's hard to say. However, I do think it will probably be at least June when I release it, though it could also be as late as July.

Will Palm Month (May 2021) interfere with its development?
Not in a major way, hopefully. I'm not sure I'll be able to do quite as much this Palm Month as I did last year, but that's because I want to spend a fairly substantial amount of time working on this new iOS app in May, too. I'm hoping that I'll be able to have a nice balance between Palm and iOS development that will allow me to do a decent amount of both.

Is this app a completely new project?
No. I've already made an Android version of it, but the iOS counterpart I'm working on will likely have some UI differences and advantages over that Android version.

Should I be excited for this new iOS app?
Definitely. It will be a little while longer until it is ready, but I'll be working hard in that time to make it the best it can realistically be!

Anyway, those are the answers to a few questions I'm guessing some of you might have been wondering about. There's still a lot left to do, but I'm hopeful that this new iOS app will launch in the not-too-distant future. Until then, stay tuned for more updates!

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