New School Year, New GoFrench Update

Hey, everyone! August has arrived, and after an all-too-short summer break, school is rearing its ugly head once more. Thankfully, if you take French, there is at least one thing to be excited about in these dark times: You get the perfect opportunity to try out the super spiffy, all-new GoFrench update that I just released!

On a more serious note, though, I have made some pretty exciting changes to GoFrench that should make it even nicer to use. These include a more refined and mobile-friendly design, the removal of some unnecessary information and clutter, and a few handy adjustments that should make it a bit easier to use. Additionally, I've made a bunch of tweaks and improvements behind the scenes such as bug fixes and code refinements.

Overall, while it may not be a complete reimagining of what GoFrench can be, I would say that this update does make some very important upgrades and changes to it. So, as school starts up again and GoFrench celebrates its second birthday, you can take comfort in the knowledge that if you are a French student, awesomeness awaits with the new and improved GoFrench. If not, maybe you can find a way to study or take French so you too can take comfort in this!

Joking aside, thanks for reading, and you can check out the new version of GoFrench here. Au revoir!

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