Various August 2021 Updates

Hey, everyone! I’ll admit, August has been a very strange month for me. There’s been a lot going on since summer break ended, and I’ve unfortunately not had as much time as I would like to write blog posts. Nonetheless, I’ve still been hard at work on my projects, and I have a lot of exciting updates and news to share! So, here’s what’s been going on lately:
  • Around the beginning of the month, I started working on completely revamping one of my older apps that was in need of an overhaul. While I’m not ready yet to reveal more details surrounding this mysterious new project, I will say that I am getting closer to having it ready for release, and that will be in the form of an update. Stay tuned for more updates on this project, as they should be coming soon if all goes to plan.
  • A couple of weeks ago, I was able to get an amazing deal on a new iPhone 12! While this is awesome in and of itself, it also means that I can finally test my apps on more modern Apple hardware. It’s definitely a massive upgrade over the iPhone 8 that I was using until now for testing my apps!
  • In the last week or so, aside from working on the massive project I mentioned earlier, I have also released a few tiny Violoncello for Android updates that should make the app feel more polished and refined. I have some major plans for Violoncello in the near future, so there’s a lot to be excited about!
As you can probably see, I have been been hard at work on quite a few different projects this month. I have a lot planned, and I’m going to be hopefully be releasing several updates in the near future. So, keep an eye out for those, and thanks for reading!

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