Violoncello for Android v1.8.0 is here!

Hey, everyone! It is once again time for a new Violoncello for Android update. This one is known as v1.8.0, and it makes a ton of improvements to the bookmarks manager and many other parts of the app. Here's what's new:
  • Sort Bookmarks: You can now choose between sorting new bookmarks by when they were added or alphabetically!
  • Custom Bookmark Titles: Violoncello now lets you enter custom titles for your bookmarks.
  • Homepage Setting: You can now choose to use the default Violoncello homepage or a website of your choice instead.
  • UI Improvements: I have made some improvements to the app's user interface and updated some icons.
  • Bug Fixes: Finally, I have also dealt with some pesky bugs. Hooray!
Those are most of the main changes I have made in this update, though I have also made several minor tweaks that I'll let you discover for yourself. Overall, I feel that this is a pretty major update to the app! I've put a lot of time into it, so I really hope that all of you will enjoy it. Thanks for reading, and as always, you can get the latest Android version of Violoncello from the Play Store.

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