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The Biggest Violoncello for Android Update Ever!

Hey, everyone! While there have certainly been some very major Violoncello for Android updates over the last year or so, this one might just take the cake in terms of importance. While version 1.9.0 might initially seem like yet another incremental upgrade over the previous release, it actually brings a lot of frequently requested features to the app. So, without further ado, here’s what’s new!
  • Main Menu: Of all of the changes that come with this update, this is probably the most noticeable of them all. Gone is the old menu, located in the top-right corner, replaced with a sleek, easily reachable, and spacious grid of tiles for different browser functions. I am very proud of how this new menu has turned out, and I think it's definitely a massive improvement over its predecessor!
  • Tabs: Yes, you read that right. At long last, Violoncello finally offers tabbed browsing! The tab manager can be accessed from the new main menu, or you can alternatively hold the menu button to get there. Tabs work pretty much how you would expect, and they certainly make browsing easier.
  • Huge UI Updates: Aside from the aforementioned main menu redesign, Violoncello has also seen many smaller user interface improvements in this update. UI elements are now generally easier to reach, less cluttered, and more visually consistent.
  • Other Changes: While I have covered most of the major changes in this update, there are some notable smaller tweaks that have been made, too. Some less important features have been removed or significantly altered, many things have been rearranged, and some bugs have also been fixed. While these changes may require you to relearn some parts of the app, my hope is that it will make it more intuitive and user-friendly in the long run.
To conclude, as you can undoubtedly tell by this point, this is no tiny update! I have really enjoyed making it, and I sincerely hope that you find the features it introduces helpful. As always, thank you so much for reading, and you can get the latest version of Violoncello for Android from the Play Store. Enjoy!

This is Violoncello's handy new main menu.

Tabs are finally here, too!

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