Violoncello for iOS Gets the Tab Treatment!

Hey, everyone! As you may already know, I recently released an update for the Android version of Violoncello that introduced an all-new tab manager. However, this feature was still notably lacking from the app’s iOS counterpart. That is, until now! Version 1.3.0 of Violoncello for iOS is finally here, and it introduces tabs while also making some other changes to the app. So, here’s what’s new:
  • Tabs: As I just mentioned, the main feature that this update brings to the table is the iOS tab manager. As you would likely expect, it has a lot in common with the Android version. This is a very good thing, as the iOS tab manager retains its simplicity and ease of use. I’ve been meaning to introduce this feature to Violoncello as a whole for quite a while, but I think the result here and on the Android side of things was certainly worth the wait!
  • UI Improvements: The other major change in this update has to do with the app’s user interface. I’ve made several tweaks and improvements to it, and it will hopefully be even more efficient now.
  • Bug Fixes: As usual, I have dealt with a few bugs and increased Violoncello’s overall stability. Hooray!
As you can likely see, the main focus of this update is the introduction of the tab manager. While this may initially seem like a fairly minor update, I am of the opinion that the addition of tabs is a pretty important and exciting change! If you want to try it out, you can download the latest Violoncello for iOS release from the App Store. Thanks for reading!

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