John’s Watch Box #2: Seiko SNK807

In the world of budget watches, few are as well-loved as Seiko’s SNK series. For under $100, you get an automatic movement, an attractive design, day and date complications, and a surprising amount of fun extras. There are plenty of reviews of this watch already, so I figured I would just quickly share my experience and first impressions with this watch. So, let’s begin!

First Impressions: Upon opening this watch’s perfectly adequate box, at least for the price, I was immediately impressed. This is a watch with a lot of character, featuring unique hands, plenty of luminescence, and the signature Seiko 5 shield emblem. The dial feels much less flat than a lot of the competition, and the whole piece feels like it’s worth much more than the $90 it retails for. It’s not too large or thick, and it feels quite substantial. In short, this watch looks and feels excellent for the price.

Pros: This watch has a unique and attractive design, although it has been debated whether or not this is considered a field or pilot watch. Whatever your stance may be, it certainly looks nice. I also like the smaller case size, even if it doesn’t go as well with my larger wrists. The navy blue color this model features is nice and subtle, the exhibition case back is awesome, the recessed crown is good to see, and the automatic Seiko 7S26 movement is great for the price. Finally, the flat Hardlex crystal provides a bit more scratch protection than standard mineral glass, even if it isn’t as resistant to scratches as something like sapphire.

Cons: Unfortunately, this basic movement doesn’t have hacking or manual winding, nor is it the most accurate. However, as I said before, it’s still great for the price. Also, the stock band that this Seiko comes with is fine, but there are plenty of other options that look much better. I’m quite fond of how it looks with the leather Barton strap I got with it. Additionally, while I listed the small size as a pro, this could also be a con depending on your wrist size. You’ll also want to keep it away from too much water, as this watch is really only splash resistant. Lastly, this model is on its way out, so you may want to get it while you still can.

Final Thoughts: For what it costs, this watch really is an incredible value. I’ve been very impressed by its performance and looks, and I really don’t have too many complaints about it. I would still recommend reading some actual reviews before you get one for yourself, but if you do, I doubt you’ll regret it. I know that I definitely haven’t!

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