My Favorite Chromebook Easter Egg

Hey, everyone. While I may primarily be a Mac user these days, I do spend a decent amount of time using a Chromebook. I’m not a huge fan of Chrome OS, but it works well enough, and it certainly runs better on lower-end computers than Windows does.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share a cool Chromebook Easter egg, so here it is: pressing Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Reload (as in the key) will make your window do a barrel roll, similar to the famous Google Search Easter egg. This is no great secret, but I thought that I would share it anyway. I had no idea it existed until I happened to randomly press all of those keys down, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Looking back, this was partly because Easter eggs seem to be a bit less common in modern software than they perhaps used to be. Thankfully, as proven by Google’s work here, they definitely don’t seem to be a lost art. Personally, I have hidden several messages and whatnot in my software projects over the years, and while I won’t reveal how you can find it, I will say that even the Android version of Violoncello has one. In general, it’s always kind of neat to see developers having some fun with their projects, and I think we can all be glad that even Google doesn’t consider itself too cool for the good old Easter egg. 

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