A Fresh Coat of Paint for Violoncello

I wasn’t expecting to work on an update for one of my apps today, but I finally found some spare time to do just that! While I’m not as interested in software development as I used to be, I still occasionally enjoy working on Violoncello, a text-based browser that I made for Android. So, with my evening free, I was finally able to create and release Violoncello 2.0.

I started by changing Violoncello’s color scheme. While I knew that some people would prefer the lighter pallet of earlier releases, I figured that a darker color scheme would be more popular and easier on the eyes. Thus, Violoncello went to the Dark Side.

Much easier on the eyes. 😌
While that was the main tweak I made with this release, I also introduced some more subtle changes. Dialogs, input fields, and many other parts of the UI were greatly refined and adjusted to better match the new dark theme. It was a somewhat tedious process, but I’m pleased with how things turned out.
To be honest, that’s about it for Violoncello 2.0. It’s definitely not the most exciting Violoncello update ever, but it does make a lot of improvements to the app and its UI. Anyway, I hope you like it, and as always, you can find Violoncello on the Play Store.

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