My '09 Accord Upgrades

Greetings, everyone! I've mentioned my car before on this blog, but I've never written a whole post about it. For some background, I am the proud owner of a 2009 Honda Accord EX-L (2.4L i-VTEC). Since I got it in late 2022, I've done several tweaks and upgrades to make it my own. Here are some of them!

Awesome Window Decal & Spoiler

This decal is the ultimate way of showing off how sick my 15-year-old economy car is. It's a HONDA, baby! I also stuck on a spoiler for good measure.

Backup Camera & CarPlay Unit

Not much to say here.

LEDs and Lighting

I swapped out the dome lights for blue LEDs and put some LED strips on the driver and passenger sides for that sweet blue aesthetic.

Walkman Mount

I saved the best for last! My buddy James installed a couple of metal brackets that clip to a Walkman by the driver's seat. I simply plug in the AUX cable, and I can listen to all my mixtapes! It protrudes a bit but doesn't get in the way. It's also super easy to take the Walkman with me when I'm done listening. I've included a video below that shows how it works.

So, that's it for my super neat upgrades! I'm keeping my car stock mechanically because it only has about 95K on the odometer, but I've had tons of fun making it LOOK cooler. It's definitely spiffier than a Challenger. ;)

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